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Healing Haircut FAQ's

You have more questions? We're happy to answer! But first.... Annissa's personal testimony for the Healing Haircut 

I started getting very interested in energy healing after all the stress and collective trauma everyone endured in 2020. Most of us became reclusive and I became one of the only people my clients saw on a regular basis. Each hair service seemed to turn into a kind of therapy session. 

I honestly felt great about that. I know how important it is to verbalize emotions when life gets stressful and you need a listening ear. I felt so privileged to be in a position where I could help by providing a safe place to vent and get away from home or the bustle of life. I absolutely love helping people relax and "filling up their cup" especially if they are the ones alway filling other people's cup.

I only wished that I could do more for those that needed deeper healing. I saw their emotional distress reflecting in their hair: more gray, thinning hair, dry scalp, etc. Because I try to approach things from holistic view I knew I needed to learn tools to address their hair needs starting from within.

Going through the course and learning how to do the Healing Haircut came at the perfect time for me as well. My life was going through a series of changes and I found myself getting stuck and overwhelmed (I'm a creature of habit, I struggle with change!). I felt scared and a bit out of control. Obtaining these tools helped me find more emotional balance and feel stability even when my life was still changing. It helped me address things that I had been holding back for a long time and opened me up to healing.

I'm so excited to have learned these tools and pass it on to those who are also in need of healing. If you are wanting help in working through emotional blocks or know that you need to be refreshed on an emotional level I invite you to my chair.

I've created a safe space for you and I'd love for you to try it out!


Who is this service for?

This service is for anyone who is feeling upset, lonely, confused, or otherwise "stuck" and seeks healing from it. It's for anyone wishing to address emotional blocks or limiting beliefs. A Healing Haircut also makes a great gift for anyone who needs extra emotional support or self-care on a deeper level.

What is energy healing?

Every thing we see is made up of light. All our emotions and thoughts (things we can't see) are also made up of light. Whatever thoughts and emotions we put out come back to us. If we are thinking negatively our minds want to prove us right and the world around you will reinforce negativity. However, the same also applies if we think positively. If we put positive feelings and energy it will reflect back to us. Energy healing is using the manipulation of light to remove blocks and promote soul- level healing. It addresses our subconscious thoughts that may be reflecting things we don't want to carry anymore and shifting them to reflect what we want to see more of.

What if I get emotional?

It's very normal to get emotional during this process. Sometimes people cry, sometimes they laugh! Every session is unique and you may feel sadness, anger, relief, happiness, or any range of emotion as things come up. Whatever you feel is okay, I will hold space for whatever emotion you need for healing.

Why do I need to pre pay for the appointment?

A Healing Haircut can be a very vulnerable service. It's important to me that as soon as the session is over you can feel free and clear of anything that might be holding you back and not have to worry about your payment before you leave. 

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