Interested in At-Home Color?

If you typically get a solid root touch up service or an all-over color and there is now an option for professional color, shipped to your door, applied by you. Starting at $19.90!

Your At-Home Color Kit Includes:

-Video consultation

-Professional hair color 

-Instructions for how to mix color

-Stain Protector

-Gloves and brush

Why use this hair color kit?

-If you are color client of Edit Hair Studio we will be able to match you as close to your regular color as possible.

-Using a professional color will help prevent unwanted tones, damage, or even breakage that can come from store-bought, box-dye, products.

-You get all of the benefits of permanent color use between salon visits.

Not Interested in fussing with permanent hair color?

That's okay! There are root sprays that can cover your gray or light roots temporarily. Visit the SHOP page and search for "Style Edit" or "root concealer" 

What if I normally get balayage or highlights?

While there are no good at-home highlighting options I have found at this time (trust me! I will keep looking.) there are still options for blending highlights to blur the line of grow-out.

There are also options for toning brassiness or unwanted tones. Or enhancing certain tones that may have faded.

Schedule a consultation to hear your options!

How to get started:

-Fill out the application by clicking the button below.

-Once the application is received get access to the link to set up a free consultation appointment.

-During the consultation I will prescribe the color for you to order.

-Order it and get it shipped to your door.


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