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What virtual services are available?

Energy Healing:
(50% deposit due when booking, 50% due at least 24 hours before service)

Virtual Healing Session, 60 min, $90

Check in + Accountability Video Call, 30 min,  $55

(50% deposit due when booking, 50% due at least 24 hours before service)

One-on-One Styling Lesson, 30 min, $55

What is a Virtual Healing Session?
Are you feeling frustrated, angry, lonely or stuck? Are you experiencing big changes in your life?

Energy healing is a service that removes emotional blocks and promotes healing. It's letting go of what no longer serves you emotionally and physically. 

It's done by gathering insight around core issues, gaining tools to work through them, and then receiving healing energy to enhance your wellbeing. 

I invite you to come in to remove those energetic blocks that are holding you back from making positive changes in your life.

Ready to book one for yourself or even a friend? Fill out the form below.

What is a One-on-One Styling Consultation?
Are you struggling with getting your hair to style the way you want it to?

Whether you struggle with oily hair, flat roots, poofy hair or how to use a blowdryer or other hot tool I can help! I know that watching a YouTube tutorial can help some people but sometimes you need a customized plan of action for yourself. Or someone to tell you how to hold your wrist or hair when you are styling. With quick little changes I can help walk you through your biggest hair struggles with styling or training your hair to be less flaky or less oily. 

Wonder if I can help with your hair struggle?

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I received a virtual healing session yesterday with Annissa, and it was exactly what I needed. I felt heard, I gained clarity, and I could release some negativity that I had been holding onto for a long time. Annissa has gone above and beyond with this service; her knowledge, wisdom and energy were somehow brought through the screen in such a brilliant way that I felt so refreshed after my session. Thank you again for the healing, it was exactly what my soul needed.


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Energy Healing 


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