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Hey there!

So nice to meet you..


I’m Annissa (She/her), a PNW girl now living near Austin, Texas. 

I’m passionate about low-maintenance hair, blondes and emotional healing through hair services. I always am looking to reduce waste in the salon and use low-tox products and color. I'm also am a big believer in creating safe and inclusive spaces regardless of gender or race.


I'm a wanna be world-traveler, new momma, sustainability enthusiast and an Enneagram 3.


In my down time you'll find me cooking, meditating, watching Netflix, or hanging out with my husband, baby, and our two cats. We are loving the RV life and all the freedom tiny living gives us.

I'm so excited to be working in Austin check out my services below!

About my approach 

As a stylist who has been working in the industry since 2014 and is very passionate about what I do I am constantly adjusting and changing to continue to improve day by day, year by year.


I see hair transformations as a journey, always being edited to fit your life changes and goals.


I feel the best place to improve is in a relaxing and friendly environment. In a place you feel heard and understood.

I am constantly looking at ways to improve my guest experience and how to give my clients the most out of their service. One way is through energy healing and meditation tools that can be used in a service. I know the time you choose to spend with me is very valuable and I don't take being a part of your self-care ritual for granted! 

All my services are genderless and gratuity-free so there is never any surprises at checkout about what you are paying for.

If you are looking for someone who shares your values in sustainability and can help take your self-care and self-expression through low-maintenance hair to the next level, I'd love to chat.

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