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Healing Haircut

What is a Healing Haircut?

Healing Haircut is a service that uses energy work to remove emotional blocks and promote healing. It's cutting off what no longer serves you emotionally and physically through your hair. 

It's done by gathering insight around core issues, gaining tools to work through them, and then receiving healing energy to enhance your wellbeing. 

Ready to book one for yourself or even a friend?

Step 1:

Want to know more about this service? Check out the Testimonials and FAQ's

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Step 2:

Fill out the pre-visit form to identify what areas in your life need more balance

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Are you feeling frustrated, angry, lonely or stuck? Are you experiencing big changes in your life?

Your hair holds onto memories, trauma, illnesses and health changes from the past. It still remembers and reflects what has happened years ago. I invite you to come in to remove those energetic blocks that are holding you back from making positive changes in your life.



Before my healing haircut I was feeling tense. I was holding energy. I was feeling inadequate and stuck.

I cleared my mind as much as possible and went in ready to lay down the burden of perfection. 

The ceremony at the hair bowl was amazing. As Annissa did the meditative process I relax into a place full of peace. I forgot where I was as I sank. After the shampoo process we went to the chair to trim the weight off my hair and my soul. I felt lighter and lighter as Annissa cut away my hair, I let go of the old ideas.

I left feeling lighter and able to engage with some challenges at work that I had been avoiding in my stress. I recommend the healing haircut service. It is a way to bring the sacred into daily practice and feed your soul. 


Wow! Healing haircuts are awesome! At first I was feeling a little nervous about opening up but Annissa set up the space for me to feel safe and answered all of my questions without me needing to ask! 

I filled out a short questionnaire before my appointment to find where I wanted my focus areas to be or to state if there is anything significant going on in my life. This was really helpful because we were on the same page when I arrived. 

Annissa has a very calm and therapeutic vibe about her that just made me feel very safe, and really ready to open up. I was able to sort through my emotions from a scenario I've been dealing with for over a year and I feel so relieved!

After chatting and finding a focus she brought me to the shampoo bowls and guided me through a meditation, where I felt very comfortable and happy! 

I received an amazing haircut, emotional clarity, and coping skills to protect my own emotions. Now that I've experienced a healing haircut, I can't wait to have another! Thank you Annissa!!



Energy Healing Pricing

In-Salon Services:

Healing Haircut, $420, 3 hours
(50% deposit due when booking, 50% due at least 24 hours before service)

Guided Meditation + Treatment, $140, 1 hour

Online Services:
(50% deposit due when booking, 50% due at least 24 hours before service)

Virtual Healing Session, 60 min, $111

Check in + Accountability Video Call, 30 min,  $66


Pre-Visit Form

Fill this out before your Healing Haircut or Virtual Healing Session (It's required for these services.)

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Wanting to know more? Check out frequently asked questions about the Healing Haircut.

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